Friday, December 30, 2011

Beautiful Top 10

  We've come to the end of a beautiful year, so let's take a look back at our top 10 beautiful girl posts of the year!  Compiled by view number.  

#10  Our girls got to spend a day at our favorite local salon, Sage Tryall Salon.  Suzy Tryall and her team are fabulous!  And by the way, the salon itself is getting a major makeover, so go check out the new improved Sage Tryall Salon in the new year!  You'll be happy you did!  

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#9 One of Aubrianah's favorite shoots was with one our absolute favorite groups of sisters.  These beautiful girls are all fabulous, gorgeous, funny, and kind...and they got it all from their beautiful mom.  I wrote this post a while ago, and I STILL want to be an honorary Roselle sister!  

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#8 One of the most beautiful women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, Cindi's grandmother, Mildred.  Take a minute to read, or read again, her beautiful testimony.

Original post here:  Beautiful Testimony

#7 This shoot is special to me and Aubrianah, because it connected us, I believe by the work of the Spirit, to a woman who continues to inspire us with the beauty she continues to cultivate as she learns to live her life and raise her boys after the sudden death of her husband.

Original Post:  Sharing Beauty

#6  My favorite whimsical woman, my friend Janine.  What we didn't tell you in the original post is that Janine was suffering from Bell's Palsey at the time of her shoot.  Just goes to show you that Real Beauty shines right through any 'flaw' we might see in the mirror!

Original post:  Whimsical Beauty

#5 This post was a two-for-one!  TWO courageous beauties fight through the daughter's illness while her mother keeps them both grounded, hopeful, peaceful, and brave.  

Original Post:  Courageous Beauty

#4 What kind of legacy are you leaving?  After reading this post about Faith's grandmother, Caroline, I made a commitment to think more about my actions and what my own children and grandchildren will remember about me.  Caroline was a beautiful woman whose legacy lives in her daughters and grand-daughters.

Original Post:  The Legacy of a Beautiful Girl

#3 Not technically a post at all, but a page on the blog gets the #3 spot.  It's the page that is all about our beautiful photographers, Faith and Aubrianah.  

Original Post:  About the Beautiful Photographers

#2 The post that made me feel like we really had something here...the goal was to inspire women to see that beauty is not about arched eyebrows and perfect hair, it's about strength and courage and what we do with the trials life throws at us.  The beautiful woman in this post has all that and more, PLUS she is a physically stunning beauty.  As far as the posts go on the main blog, this is the most-read entry...our beautiful friend, Becky, and the story of the freedom she found.

Original Post:  Beautiful Freedom

#1 Drum roll, please!  Our #1 post is also not technically a post, but a page.  It sums up our original goal for Just the Girls: Real Beauty as a summer project in 2011.  However, the movement has grown, women have been inspired to share their beautiful qualities, and our girls (and Cindi and me) have been blessed to be in the company of the women we've spent time with.  We hope to do more with Real Beauty in the future, and we want to interview YOU, Beautiful Girl!  You ARE beautiful, tell us what is most beautiful about you!  

Original Post:  About the Beautiful Project