Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Legacy of a Beautiful Girl

We want to do something special today.  July 4th would have been the birthday of an especially beautiful girl, Faith's grandmother, Carolyn.  Carolyn's daughter (Faith's mom), Cindi, wanted to pay tribute to the legacy left by this extraordinary woman.  You will leave a legacy, make it a beautiful one.  Carolyn did, here it is:

My mom would have been 68 years old today.  Wow!  It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long since she passed away, but it’s been over 9 years.  Because it’s her birthday, I want to celebrate what made her (one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever known) beautiful.
There are so many things that made her beautiful that I won’t be able to list them all!  The most important thing was her love for the Lord – all of her “beautiful” characteristics originated from her relationship with God.  She loved to have FUN!  She loved to sing.  She did so many things for others.  I honestly think our Amish neighbors forgot they had a horse and buggy – mom took them everywhere! J  Even if she was busy, when someone came to the house (expected or unexpected), Mom made them feel like she had all the time in the world for them. 
I asked friends and family to name what they thought made Mom beautiful.  They are listed below.  One thing written was this:  “Looks or talent meant nothing to her.  She loved all.”  That triggered a memory.  We used to attend concerts like the living Christmas tree and others at First Christian Church in Canton, Ohio.  There was this mentally handicapped man there one night.  No one was talking to him – most were probably trying to avoid him -, but Mom talked to him and helped him with whatever questions he had and he was so happy!  He sat with us through the concert and was beaming from ear to ear.  He sang his heart out…..loud and off-key, but he was so cute and excited to be praising God.  After that, every time we went there for a concert, he would find us and sit with us.
·         *She was the most genuinely kind person I have ever met.
·         *With her excitement for life, she inspired us all to live to the fullest.
·        * Looks or talent meant nothing to her. she loved all....
·        * ummm...everything
·         *Her infectious laughter ... I still hear it and I'm so glad!
·       *  Laughter. She liked to laugh. She was funny. Hospitable. She had a way of making a person feel at home and at ease. I was pretty insecure as a kid (still am I suppose), but not when I was with her. Gracious. Only Jesus can produce real Grace! Only Jesus can create real beauty! People like your mom are carriers. She helped others see something more.
·         *Genuine caring. No matter who was talking to her, she gave them 100% of her attention.
·       *  Her kindness,generousity and her big heart
·        * Her voice :)
·        * Laughter
·        * Her hospitality. Your home was always open, welcoming and warm
·        * Fun and full of laughter and love.
·        * She was the kind of person everyone wanted to hang around. Her singing voice. She included everyone and listened to us kids when we talked, even if she did tell us to "shut up".:)
·         *Your Mom's BEAUTIFUL singing voice & piano talent! I remember the song she sang at your wedding - thinking about it still brings tears to my eyes! Such a wonderful & kind lady with a great sense of humor!
·        * Warm, comforting, and sincere. Always felt at home when visiting. Miss her a lot.
·        * Your mom’s smile was as beautiful as a smile can get and when you added in the laughter, THATs what made Carolyn so beautiful Miss her so much!!!
·       *  Her unconditional love for her family! Cindi, I still can hear her in my head calling me by my full name Carla Jean! lol. What a beautiful woman my Aunt Carolyn was!!!

It’s wonderful to see some of her amazing characteristics in my daughters:  I see her in Joy’s energy, laughter and love of life; I see her in Esther’s caring of others and devotion to the Lord; I see her in Faith’s gift of helping others and in her “artsy” talent (something that most definitely did NOT come from me!).
I am so sorry that Faith is the only grandchild who really remembers Mom, but I am so very thankful for the years I had with her and that I can share who she was….everything listed above…with my kids. 

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  1. The Legacy you leave is the Life you Live