Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Beautiful Sisters!

I didn’t grow up with any sisters.  I really never wanted one, either, never felt like I was missing out on anything.  My childhood wasn’t that great.  Having a sibling, especially a sister, might have made it easier.  But I just never thought about it. 
  It’s only been recently that I started paying attention to groups of sisters.  A childhood of not being jealous has compounded, and now I am envious of the sister-bond!  Every group of sisters I can think of is a group that loves and supports one another!  Even the young sets of sisters who, you would think, would still be fighting over chores and possessions seem to have already learned that their sisters are important. 
This particular group of sisters is one of my favorites.  That’s Faith (front) and Emily (back) on the left and Sarah (front) and Elisabeth (back) on the right.  Their beautiful mom, Jane, leads the line.  These Beautiful Sisters are in different stages in their lives, 3 are married, Faith has a super-adorable young son, and Elisabeth is in college.  They don’t all live in the same area, either.  But the girls, along with their mom, are bonded together for life.  Their photo shoot was filled with fun and laughter, teasing and hugging.  They LOVE one another, no matter what, and it shows!  Aubrianah absolutely loved hanging out with them.
So what do I do now that I’ve decided I do want sisters?  I wonder, is Jane willing to adopt a 38-year-old girl who won’t do dishes?  Even if she won’t, I can take a quick scan of the women in my life.  Even though I don’t have sisters by blood, I do have sisters.  I have a best girlfriend who loves me no matter what I do or say.  I have other girlfriends who support me, admonish me, cry with me, and laugh with me.  I have two sisters-in-law who always make time to catch up with me even though they live far away.  And I have aunts who would do anything in the world for me.  And just in case I’m still missing that sister-bond when I look around at all the sister-friends in my life, I THINK that Faith, Emily, Sarah, and Elisabeth will let me pretend!  Just call me Ruth Roselle!  

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