Friday, May 27, 2011

How to Encourage a Beautiful Girl!

You’ll see this beautiful girl, Audrey, again soon, but today I want to talk about another beautiful thing you can see in this picture, Faith’s new logo!  Faith’s logo, and the new logo you see on Aubrianah’s pictures, too, were designed for them by our good friend Alex. 
  Ok, ok, Alex is a guy….but Alex is the father of two beautiful girls, including Audrey here.  Because Alex has two daughters (not to mention a fantastically beautiful wife), he knows that beautiful girls need encouragement to let their beauty shine through, and Alex knows how to encourage beautiful girls.  He encouraged our beautiful girls, Faith and Aubrianah,  by designing these fabulous logos for them!  They didn’t even ask him, he just did it…because he knows that doing something that he enjoys and that he is good at would be an encouragement to them.  By doing the logos for them he’s saying, “The work you girls do and the talent you are cultivating is worthy, it’s valuable, and I think you are doing a beautiful job!”  Thank you, Alex, for encouraging two beautiful girls in this way!  We appreciate the men in our lives when they are encouraging to us, and that makes Alex one of our heroes…and a Beautiful Guy!  

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Beautiful, Strong Sadie!

Sadie!  What a beautiful girl!  Sadie’s mom wrote ‘Strong’ on Sadie’s ‘beauty board’ because strength is one of Sadie’s most beautiful characteristics!  “Sadie is an amazing girl who has been put to the test.  She was diagnosed with scoliosis in January.  Since that time she has had to wear a brace for more than 20 hours per day and hasn’t complained at all!  She just found out in April that the brace is no longer effective and she will need to have back surgery later this year.  She is the bravest and strongest girl around!  Sadie is learning to trust in the Lord when any fears try to creep in!”  ~Sadie’s mom, Kim

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bold Beauty!

Our friend Rebecca is a bold beauty, and she’s bold where it really counts…where she gets the most ‘bang’ for her ‘bold’…sharing her faith!  She lives out Romans 1:16 ‘For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes…’  Rebecca shares the love of Christ with everyone she meets, and she prays for the opportunity to meet people who need to hear it.  She is an example of obedience, especially to her three beautiful daughters pictured here with her.  They are learning from their mother what it means to be a bold, beautiful woman!  

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Beautiful Poet

Ciera is a beautiful girl.  Her mother raised Ciera and her brother alone, and she has done a beautiful job!  Ciera is loving and sweet, helpful and compassionate, and she loves her friends and family with a passionate loyalty!  But the most beautiful things about Ciera is her love for the Lord, and the gift he’s given her to write.  Ciera writes fantastic poems, she consistently pours out her feelings onto paper.   She often adds music to her poems, which makes them even more special.  Ciera is a fabulous friend, a wonderful daughter and sister, and a beautiful poet!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Warrior Beauty!

When you think ‘Prayer Warrior’, what kind of person do you picture?  A pastor on his knees by the altar?  An old woman with grown children and nothing else to do? 
  When I think ‘Prayer Warrior’, this is the person who comes to my mind!  This is Esther, and her gift is prayer.  Esther has accepted the call that many of us often ignore, she prays consistently for others.  Esther has a beautiful heart of compassion for those who are hurting, a head for remembering them, and a faith that believes what the Lord has said.  She has a long prayer list in her head, and she asks how people are doing long after the prayer needs have been made known.  There are some people Esther has spent years praying for, and she has seen fruit from her labor!  She is a beautiful encouragement to those she keeps on her heart, and she is a beautiful warrior!  

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sassy Beauty!

Grace is our new friend.  Her family started coming to our church after a group from church came around their house at Christmastime singing carols.  Grace’s family figured that if a church was funny and brave enough to go caroling then that was the church for them!  I’m so glad they did, and trust me, they fit right in with the rest of the funny, awesome folks!
Grace is one of the most charismatic little girls I know.  She is VERY funny, and she can whip out a clever one-liner with the best of them.  She likes to be called ‘Little Baby G’, like a rapper, so I think this picture shows her personality perfectly!  She’s a sassy beauty, but not in a bad way….she’s been compared to Punky Brewster, so she’s Punky-sassy, and we think that’s beautiful!