Monday, April 28, 2014

Beautiful Superhero

  There was a video going around earlier this month about moms.  It vaguely annoyed me at first, but as it was increasingly shared I settled in to figure out why.  

  The video was made by a greeting card company, and it focused on 'the world's toughest job'.  A job was advertised and the interviews were conducted online.  As the job was described, each job-seeker's reaction was recorded.  The 'toughest job in the world' required standing up all the time, constantly exerting yourself, no vacation time, workload increases on get the idea.  Near the end of the video, the 'toughest job' is revealed as, of course, being a mom.  

  Generally, the video is very sweet.  We do forget that our moms do a lot of work.  I mean, we're like superheroes, right?  I think we are, too.  I have two grown children, though, and I'm telling you....I'm a superhero who SLEPT.  I also didn't stand up all the time.  

  Apart from the video being a little over-the-top, though, here's what my vague annoyance was all about.  The card company seemed to want to make us feel guilty for the trouble we put our moms through.  Mom sacrificed for you, and you can't even send her a lousy card?  Call your mother, she gave up her sleep, her vacations, her fun, her very LIFE for you.  

  I asked my friend Faith to bring some props to her photo shoot, something that made her feel beautiful.  She could have used the opportunity to get away by herself, to dress up and spend a little vacation time from her two little boys.  We would have even let her sit down.  Guess what she brought.  

  She brought her son William, and she brought her son Tucker, and she brought their superhero toys.  

  Faith spent her Just the Girls: Real Beauty shoot doing what makes her feel loved, special, and beautiful.  She hung out with her children.  Faith doesn't think she's sacrificing her life for her boys...they make her life amazingly gorgeous!  Those two guys never have to feel guilty for the 'work' she's put into them, because it is blessing for her to do it.  

  William and Tucker are blessed because Faith is their mother.  And Faith is blessed because William and Tucker are her sons!  They are BEAUTIFUL!