Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Beautiful Freedom!

Becky’s Real Beauty shoot was a blessing to Aubrianah and me, because she told us a story about the freedom she’s found after years of hurt.  She’ll tell the story better than I can, so here it is:
“I am a 34-year-old wife and home-schooling mom of four beautiful children.  I have lived with a terrible, dark secret for all of my adult life.  I was abused as a child. Until a year and a half ago, no one knew about my dark past, not even my husband knew the details. 
  Even though I have a wonderful life and family, I battled depression and hated myself.  Over a year ago, I realized that I could no longer keep pushing this secret down deeper and deeper.  It was destroying me, and my life!  God sent a wonderful lady to me.  She counseled me for several months and, with her sweet spirit and understanding, walked me through Scripture to show me that I am beautiful, and that God loves me NO MATTER WHAT my past looks like.   I was raised in a Christian home and knew this, but hadn’t accepted it.  I realized that God doesn’t want bad things to happen to His children.  He is a loving, gracious, good God who wants the best for us. 
  This is why He died, so that we may be set free.  I am free!  I have become a glorious child of God.  He shouts to us ‘Freedom, freedom to the captive ones and the broken!’  That is just what I was, held captive by my painful past.  I was broken in my own eyes, but not in His!  Now, my chains are gone.  I am no longer held captive by my past.  I have dealt with it, given it to God, and now He carries the burden for me.
  I am now a better wife and mother.  I recently got a tattoo as a reminder of my freedom, and though many look at it and frown because they disagree with tattoos, I look at it and remember what I went through and that Jesus paid it all for me! 
  It is my prayer that God will use my story to help others. In fact, I know that is the reason for my suffering.  We all experience pain in our lives, we can choose to be bitter and live in misery, or have it mean something and use it for God’s glory. 
  This is the first time I have shared my story, and feel privileged to be able to share it now, with others, in hope that it will help someone else.  To God be the glory, great things He has done!”
THANK YOU, Becky, for sharing your beautiful story, you ARE beautiful! 
If any ‘beautiful girls’ would like to tell us your story, OR if you would like to contact Becky to talk with her about hers, please contact me via email or facebook.


  1. Becky you are beautiful, and I am glad you are free from the burden you carried for so long! One day I too will be free, Just no time soon! Love ya girl!

    LOVE Net

  2. Dearest Friend,

    You are not the only one. So glad that you have begun your walk toward healing! Love you! Angela