Friday, January 3, 2014

Beautiful Plans for 2014!

     Photo credit: Jessica Hedrick Photography

  Happy 2014!  Aubrianah and I recently spent a bit of time with a new friend during a family photo shoot.  The gorgeous mother of two confided in us that she doesn't think she is beautiful.  Her statement was ironic, because Aubrianah and I had just discussed, on the way to the shoot, how beautiful and cool this woman is!  

  I was surprised at the conversation, and it made me realize that our work with Just the Girls: Real Beauty is not over.  In fact, it's not over until every woman we meet knows she is beautiful.  

  So, Aubrianah and I have made a new commitment to Just the Girls: Real Beauty.  And we have goals.  We hope you will help us, because beauty is magnified when it is shared!  

1.  No non-beautiful talk about ourselves.  That means no "I look so fat!", no "My hair looks awful!", none of that stuff!

2.  No judging, comparing, or competing with other women.  No judging what she is wearing, her motives, or her way of doing things. No comparing ourselves to her...either to make ourselves feel better OR to make ourselves seem less than her. If she does something well, we will cheer. If she does something poorly, we will encourage. If she does something unkind or unthinking, we will look past it and pray for a change in all our hearts. 

3.  Photograph and interview at least 150 girls and women for Beautiful 2014!  

  We need you, beautiful girls, if we are going to meet our goal.  A Just the Girls: Real Beauty photo shoot is ALWAYS free.  All you have to do is show up and be beautiful (and you already have that second one down!).  An individual shoot/interview takes about 15 minutes, less if you are ready to tell us what is most beautiful about you. 

  In past Real Beauty interviews, some women have had beautiful stories to tell us.  They've been about childhood trauma, loss, trials, all the things that define who we are.  Please read back through some of the blog posts and be inspired to tell us your own story...if you want to share!  If you don't, that's ok too!  Aubrianah still wants to photograph your beautiful face and we both want to talk to you!

  If I know you well, I'll probably be coming after you.  If I don't, please contact me!  Also, we want to know about women YOU think are beautiful, so please tell us about them.  

  Have a beautiful year!  We plan to make 2014 the most beautiful year yet!