Saturday, August 13, 2011

Whimsical Beauty

My friend Janine thinks she can do anything if she only sets her mind to it. I haven't been able to convince her otherwise because, well, every time she sets her mind to something she wants to do...she succeeds.

  Janine is a fabulous wife, mom, friend, and cook, but recently she decided she wanted to learn to sew so that she could make clothes for her daughters.  A few months ago, she'd never touched a sewing machine.  Now she has her own Etsy shop called The Whimsical Peanut  and sells the most beautiful little patchwork skirts you've ever seen.  She also makes purses and aprons, and she's even making the costumes for the church's summer play.  Janine decided she wanted to make things, so she became amazing at making things.

  Janine is also my most eclectic friend.  She likes all kinds of things, her style is original and her musical tastes are varied.  She's crafty, quirky, witty, thoughtful, fun, and she's whimsical.

  What will this beautiful, whimsical girl do next?  I don't know, but it'll be whatever she sets her mind to!

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  1. Beautiful picture and wonderful article... thank you for appreciating our Janine!!