Thursday, August 4, 2011

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This is an extra-long post, because I'd like to take today to explore a few things about what Just the Girls: Real Beauty is about....and what it is not about.  I've been reading another beauty blog about 'natural' beauty.  I like that blog.  It explores the natural beauty of women and I agree with a lot of what it has to say. The bloggers expose celebrities when their photographers slim their size 12 bodies into size 0's, and they are enemies of the toddler beauty pageants.   But I disagree with plenty, too.  'That' blog is down on everything that is not 'natural'.  The bloggers are down on make-up, hair extensions, eyebrow plucking, and the magical erasing of wrinkles our photographers do.  They don't want women to cover our grey hair or use eye cream.  I'm not sure how they feel about armpit hair....but I have a feeling they are 'for' it!

Just the Girls is about Real Beauty.  It's about women who are strong, funny, smart, and confident.  Just the Girls is not, however, only about natural beauty.  We love make-up.  We're ok with getting our eyebrows waxed (well, we're not OK with the pain, but we like the results).  We're also ok with erasing wrinkles from a photograph, unless a woman tells us specifically not to.  Our photographers also sometimes whiten teeth and brighten eyes, and they might even add a little lip color if a woman forgot her lipstick that day.  Real Beauty doesn't have anything to do with the little things we do to make ourselves look different than we looked when we rolled out of bed this morning. Real Beauty comes from INSIDE us, and on the outside we can do whatever we want.  If we decide to put our hair in a ponytail and let our brows grow bushy ala teen Brooke Shields, that's fine.  Or, if we want to pluck our eyebrows out and draw them on or tease our purple hair as high as it will go, that's fine too!  It DOES NOT CHANGE the beauty we possess!

  Aubrianah and Faith recently got to spend a couple of hours at our favorite place for shampooing, head massages, hair cuts and color, and eyebrow plucking, Sage Tryall Salon.  But the girls weren't there that day to get washed, plucked, or colored, they were there to photograph the fabulous Sage ladies.  I've included several pictures here, but they got loads of great shots that you can find on our Facebook page in the next few days!  The gorgeous Sage ladies are always made up, they all have cutting-edge hair styles in every color, and their outfits are fabulously funky.  They are BEAUTIFUL!  Owner Suzy Tryall is a funny, sweet, talented Beautiful Girl who loves to wear vintage-style dresses and big flowers in her hair.  She is the leader of the BEST beauty crew in Lynchburg!  More importantly, every member of the Sage team cares about you and how you want to look.  They'll make you laugh, and they'll help you de-stress, because   they are talented, smart, creative, funny women!    All these Beautiful Girls, and Suzy's Beautiful Guy, Todd, will make your day an experience you will want to tell your friends about. You'll come away from Sage feeling relaxed and empowered and, well, beautiful!

Thank you, Suzy, for allowing Aubrianah and Faith to hang out with you and your team!  They had a great time!

You can find out more about Sage Tryall Salon, including their contact information so you can book an appointment with ANY of the fabulous Sage ladies (or Todd!) on their Facebook page here:  

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