Monday, July 23, 2012

Beautiful Wedding Planner Extraordinaire!

  Nestled in, set back a little from English Tavern Road, sits a beautiful manor.  Glencliff Manor has become one of our favorite places.  The main house is stately, the gardens are charming, the little gazebo is quaint and reflective with its pretty little bridge.  The grounds boast lovingly tended greenery, graceful cherry blossom trees, a cheerful and colorful little potting shed, an inviting pool, and a picturesque pasture.  A pergola, archways, and a line of evergreens round out the gorgeous backdrop.  All sorts of friendly animals reside at Glencliff, ducks, dogs, cats, a horse, chickens, peacocks...even an alpaca named Evan.

  But the animals are not the friendliest residents you can find at Glencliff, and the gardens are not the most beautiful attraction there, either.  The most beautiful thing about Glencliff Manor is its owner, Teresa.  

  Aubrianah and I only met Teresa a few months ago, but she quickly became on of our favorite people.  Teresa has allowed Aubrianah to do lots of photo shoots on the grounds, and each time she has made us feel welcome and comfortable at her home.  She is generous and fun, and we love just being around her and her beautiful husband, Steve.  

 Teresa is also the wedding coordinator at Glencliff.  She has amazing ideas to make a wedding special, and she will bend over backwards to make a bride feel special.  The word she chose for her beauty board was 'compassion', a trait any bride would be blessed to get in her wedding planner, a trait any husband would want in his wife, and a trait every child needs in a mother.  Teresa's clients, her husband, and her children see this compassionate love on display for them, through Teresa.  

  Teresa is creative, inventive, hard-working, professional, fun, compassionate, and generous.  All those traits make her a Beautiful Girl!