Thursday, June 19, 2014

Beautiful Inspiration

 I love every Real Beauty we interview, and Candice is one of my favorites.  Candice's occupation is one I can't talk much about, but she has dedicated her life to the preservation and the cultivation of beautiful relationships.  She doesn't get to do a lot of dressing up or get to pay a lot of attention to her outward appearance on a daily basis in her job, but she is consistently becoming more inwardly beautiful.  

  A lot of Beautiful Girls credit their mothers as their inspirations, but Candice's mom is truly exceptional in her inspiration and has given us three inspirational women!  She raised her three girls on her own, with no shortage of trial and heartache.  I've met all three of them, and they are all amazingly Beautiful Girls who have been featured on this blog.  My next goal...get that momma in here for her shoot!