Saturday, May 21, 2011

Real Beauty: Silly Style!

This is our silly, beautiful friend, Kim.  We have a lot of nurse friends, and Kim is one of our favorites.  Nurses are special people, the ones we know have the gift of compassion in abundance, and Kim is no exception!  She is sweet, funny, caring, and she has a joyful spirit!  Her laugh is contagious, and we always have fun when Kim is around.  Her husband Steve and her super-adorable little baby boy, Jude, are a joy to be around.  Kim is also a tremendous and consistent encourager to our Just the Girls: Real Beauty photographers, Aubrianah and Faith.  She is the first to line up whenever they have a new idea for photo shoots, and she’s always ready with a silly, beautiful smile!  We love you, Kim, you silly beautiful girl!  

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Beautiful Photographers Part 2

Y'all didn't think I'd pick my own daughter as the most beautiful girl in the world and be done with it, did you?    Here's the other most beautiful girl in the world, and the other inspiration for the Just the Girls: Real Beauty project, Faith.
  Faith is amazing.  She is competitive and goal-driven, but even though she has those beautiful characteristics she is still humble and caring.  She wants to do well in everything she does, but she won't step on anyone to do it.
  But what I love most about Faith, what I think is most beautiful about her, is her servant's heart.  This beautiful girl serves her family, friends, and church in any way she can, and she does it with a beautiful smile on her face!  She's a thoughtful best friend, a helpful sister, and a practically perfect daughter to her mom!  Faith is...the most beautiful girl in the world!  (too!)

Beautiful Photographers Part 1

I’m biased, because this is my own daughter, Aubrianah.  Aubrianah has had some trials of her own in her young life.  I was looking through old pictures of her the other day and it struck me, she really didn’t let a  years-long sickness stop her life.  I looked through pictures of her taking karate classes, riding horses, having fun with friends, swimming on a swim team, and then I got to one of her birthday parties.  I think it was her 8th or 9th.  She’s lying on the couch, face white and eyes sunken, but with a smile on her pale lips, still beautiful.  Aubrianah was sick for several years and went through invasive procedures and potent medications.  The problem was her stomach and there were times when all activities had to be canceled and we stayed home.  She was often curled up tight on the floor in pain, or asleep. 
  After seeing many doctors, we finally heard about a beautiful local doctor, Elizabeth Mumper.  Dr. Mumper did a few minimally invasive tests, put Aubrianah on natural supplements, and figured out what was causing the problem.  After about three months with Dr. Mumper, Aubrianah was healed of a condition that other doctors had been working on for years.
To me, Aubrianah is the most beautiful girl in the world.  She is compassionate and loving, and has tremendous sensitivity.  She’s recently developed a talent for photography, and was the inspiration for the Just the Girls: Real Beauty project.  She is the most beautiful girl in the world!
(photo by Faith Perry Photography)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Beauty: times Four

This beautiful mom is Diana.  Six years ago, Diana was a busy beauty.  She had an active career with a well-known ministry that had her traveling a lot and meeting lots of new people.  Adding a baby to the family would slow her down a little, but not much!  But the Lord had other plans for Diana, and her whole world changed the day the doctor came in and told the busy couple that the one baby  was actually THREE babies…and there was a problem. 
Besides being pregnant with triplets, Diana had to learn all about monochorionic and monoamniotic twins, something that happens in less than 1% of pregnancies.  The twin girls did not have a membrane separating them, so it was likely their cords would tangle and they would die from lack of oxygen.  The doctor encouraged Diana to abort the other baby, a boy, so that the twin girls would have more room.  But Diana is a courageous and faithful beautiful girl, and she refused to sacrifice her baby boy.  She and her husband settled in to see what God’s will was for the triplets, and their faith grew.  She spent 10 weeks in the hospital and had the triplets by C-section at 32 weeks.  There’s not room in this post to tell you even a little of what Diana experienced during that time and since then….I’ll just say that Diana got more beautiful every day, and she continues to get more beautiful every day even as her children do the same.
Those little babies are almost four years old now, and they are perfect.  The girls are here with Diana and you can see how beautiful they are!  Little Logan, is beautiful, too.  And to top it all Diana added another baby a little over a year ago, the beautiful boy named Cole.  So that makes Diana Beautiful:  Times Four!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Real Beauty: Girls with Guns

Just the Girls: Real Beauty is about women who are STRONG, like my friend Sarah here.  I don't mean just strong physically, though Sarah is!  Just look at those guns!  Sarah is also strong emotionally, she's strong in her friendships, she's strong in her parenting (especially of one certain strong-willed daughter..we don't need to mention names! haha!) and most importantly, she is STRONG in her faith!
  Do you know a strong, beautiful woman like Sarah?  Please tell us about her by writing on Just the Girls:  Real Beauty's Facebook wall!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Original Beauty!

This beautiful girl's name is Morgan.  When she showed up at the Real Beauty shoot wearing this outfit, I thought she'd picked it specifically for the shoot.  But I quickly found out from her equally beautiful mom that Morgan has a very original sense of style and she often puts together outfits that show her personality!  Morgan's mom  doesn't always love her outfits, but she knows that fashion is a wonderful way to allow her daughters to express their individuality!  We think Mom is super-smart and ultra-cool to allow her daughters to dress they way they want (within limits!) and we think Morgan expresses her originality in a BEAUTIFUL way!  Morgan is an original, real beauty!  And I want those shoes!