About the Beautiful Photographers

Aubrianah’s fabulous brother, Tanner, showed her the macro setting on her camera about two years ago. She went straight outside and started taking pictures of flowers and she’s been hooked ever since!  Last year Tanner went to Russia and when he got back he gifted Aubrianah with a brand new Canon, and her interest and talent grew! 
 Aubrianah has other interests, too.  She’s very crafty, recently making some super-cute hair accessories.  She also loves loves loves her little dog, Cowboy, and enjoys teaching him tricks! But her main interest is photography and editing, and Aubrianah takes pictures almost every day.  She won the honor of one of her nature shots being featured in a local magazine, and she won the Campbell Co. Library ‘Cooks and Books’ contest where she got her pictures featured on the front and back of their fundraiser cookbook!  She loves photographing children, and is hired to do birthday sessions for children.   She also does paid events and family shoots, but her number one passion is still taking pictures of God’s beautiful creation.  You can check out her work on her Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Aubrianah-Shannen-Photography/131277023582418  and on her website http://www.aubrianahshannenphotography.blogspot.com/ 

Faith gets her photography talent in part from her beautiful mom, Cindi, who also takes great pictures.  We used to have Cindi take pictures at every event, until Faith showed an interest and proved that her pictures were better than any of the ones us older girls could take!  Faith saved up and got her new Canon, and her favorite thing to do is edit, edit, edit!  She is a super-fast editor and all her pictures turn out beautifully (even without the editing, but even more ultra-fabulous after!)! 
Faith is the oldest of six siblings, and she has a busy life!  She has many interests including crafting and playing piano, and she recently started learning to play guitar and drums!  Faith is amazing at everything she does, and she has a loving, sweet, serving spirit.  You will LOVE having a photo shoot with Faith, and she will bring out beauty in you that you might not realize you had!  Faith also does paid photo shoots, she recently did a senior picture shoot that will make you wish you could go back and graduate high school, just so you can have a senior shoot with her.  You can see more of Faith’s work on her Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Faith-Perry-Photography/162162047130152 .

The girls are ‘BFF’s 4-ever’ and love to work together, when their , and their drivers’ (aka moms’), busy schedules allow.  So they combined their talents to form another photography business called FA-Tography by Faith and Aubrianah.  Together they do parties, family shoots, and they are even doing their first wedding in September!  They recently did a ‘Trash the Dress’ photo shoot together that was absolutely the most fun shoot I’ve ever been on!  You can see some of the work they’ve done together, including some of those ‘Trash the Dress’ pictures, on the FA-Tography by Faith and Aubrianah Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/FA-tography-by-Faith-and-Aubrianah/201706343183181 

I love these two girls, I think they are the two most beautiful girls in the world.  I know you will love them, too, if you don’t already!  Book a shoot with either or both of them, or better yet…PARTICIPATE in the Just the Girls: Real Beauty project (for free!) and you will see how awesome they are!

A few other people who help make the project possible
 I (Aubrianah’s mom, Ruth) write the blog, book Aubrianah’s appointments, and drive her to her shoots, Cindi books Faith’s appointments and drives her to her shoots (even though Cindi is the MOST busy beautiful girl I have ever met), and Alex, who is an honorary ‘beautiful girl’ even though he’s a guy, designed both girls’ fabulous logos you see on their pictures! Also my cousin Rachel, who owns Life Captured by Rachel http://lifecapturedphotog.blogspot.com/ from Florida, is a tremendous help to Aubrianah, and our friend Jessica who owns Jessica Hedrick Photography http://www.jessicahedrickphotography.blogspot.com/  from Hawaii is an encouragement and help to both girls. We also want to thank all of our friends who took a chance on the girls by allowing them to take their pictures and their children’s pictures, which has allowed them to build such fabulous portfolios so far.  Our friends are, every day, an encouragement to these two beautiful photographers!

By the way, if you are a female photographer and you have done a shoot with a Beautiful Girl, please share her picture and story with us by emailing me!  We'd love to have guest contributors!