Friday, October 7, 2011

Beautiful Girls at a Festival

We don't have any pictures of Beautiful Girls today, but we do have some pictures that a Beautiful Photographer will have for sale at the Appomattox Railroad Festival tomorrow!!  Come see us!  Aubrianah is joining forces with two other Beautiful Girls, Janine from The Whimsical Peanut and Danielle from The Things I am Made of!  Look for their booth, The 'Whimsical Peanuts Aubrianah Shannen Photography is Made Of'!

Besides these fabulous prints from Aubrianah Shannen Photography, The Whimsical Peanut will offer beautiful patchwork skirts and aprons and The Things I am Made of offers super-cute hair tutus for little girls!  Aubrianah will also have a FREE photo booth for kids.

JOIN US tomorrow or Sunday in downtown Appomattox!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Back to School Beauty

Now that I've let the summer go, it's time to get down to the nitty-gritty back to school.  We're a few weeks in, so that new, fresh feeling is fading fast!  Our new notebooks are written in and our meet-every-deadline resolve is waning.  Time for a dose of beautiful.

  Whether we home school our children or send them off on the bus each morning, whether we have a kid just starting college or we've gone back to college ourselves, whether it's the first day of kindergarten or the beginning of the last year of medical school....many of us are dealing with the schedule and structure of school.

If you are dealing with school in some way and you are losing resolve, or if you don't feel beautiful because you've had to do way too much math, take a few minutes to remind yourself of that new, fresh, beautiful feeling you had just a few weeks ago!  Go out and get yourself (or your child) another new notebook or fresh box of crayons, all the back-to-school stuff is on clearance!  And take a moment to think about why school exists.  School exists to enable you to gain knowledge, and knowledge just makes you more beautiful!


Monday, October 3, 2011

Shiny Beauty

Even though my friend Kim picked the word 'Diligence' to describe her beauty, and I do agree that she is a
diligent person, I have always described her as 'Shiny'.
  Kim is diligent.  She works hard and has a successful career.  She keeps close tabs on her two almost grown sons and puts thought and effort into having a fabulous relationship with her very busy husband.  She serves in her church and spends time cultivating friendships, and she works hard at keeping healthy.  She's a very diligent person!
  Years ago, though, I was describing Kim to someone who had met her but couldn't place her face with her name.  I started with the usual description, blonde hair, Paul's wife, the runner, blah blah blah....and then I thought about it a minute.  "She's shiny!"  I said.  They knew instantly who I was talking about!  Kim is the only person I've ever described as shiny, and it fits her perfectly.  Her hair is bright, her smile is brilliant, and her jewelry is often sparkly, but that's not what makes Kim shiny.  She is kind, tenderhearted, loyal, and generous.  Her eyes sparkle with the beauty that is inside her.  She shines from within, and it makes her countenance shimmer!

Shine on, my beautiful friend!  Shine on!