Sunday, August 14, 2011

Expectant Beauty

The girls were asked to do a shoot for a young couple expecting their first baby.  This sort of thing wasn’t done when I was having my babies.  In fact, now they have all sorts of cool things they didn’t have back then.  They have CUTE maternity clothes!  Where were those before?  We had to go around in those massive tent looking things everywhere! Talk about making a pregnant woman look even larger.  And now, the “expectant” mother photo shoots……ADORABLE!
This particular mother-to-be, Jessica, goes to our church.  Because I wanted a husband’s point of view, I asked him what he thought made her beautiful.  He said, “I think she is the coolest person... that's why I married her. She almost never gets mad (even being pregnant) and if she does get mad she likes to fix the problem. The things that make her happy are ice cream, being outside, and serving people. Those are other reasons I married her. I know that she would go anywhere in the world to tell others about Christ. She is not such a great dancer, but it is so much fun to watch. I have never met someone who does not like her.”
I like what he said about her never getting mad.  She has 4 of my 6 kids in the children’s music program.  If that doesn’t send her over the edge, nothing will!  I offered to give them to her tonight to help prepare her for motherhood…..she turned me down. :-)
Jessica is funny, trendy, smart, and gorgeous.  But, the most important thing that her husband pointed out is that she would go anywhere to tell others about Christ.  She has a passion for the lost.  I am so blessed to call her my friend and thankful that she is a part of our church.

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