Sunday, August 7, 2011

Happy Birthday, Beautiful Girl!

In our house, we don't just have birthDAYS, we have 'Birthday Week'.  That means that every day this week we've been celebrating Aubrianah's 15th birthday!  She's gotten little gifts, a drink from Joe Beans, and most importantly, she's been able to use the magical "But it's Birthday Week!" to get us to get things for her or do her chores.  We don't's Birthday Week for our favorite daughter/sister! 

  Today is Aubrianah's actual birthday, though, so today she gets a Beautiful Girl post.  I tell Aubrianah all the time that she is 'practically perfect in every way'.  Practically, not because I see flaws in her, but because no human is perfect.  But Aubrianah has characteristics that make her an especially beautiful girl.  She is sensitive to other people's feelings, she's insightful, smart, helpful, and funny.  She loves pizza, soft pretzels, music, and shoes.  She's loyal to her friends and family.  She's super-shy, loves to visit with her grandparents, and enjoys reading.  She's crafty and computer-savvy, and you already know she takes amazing photographs.

  Aubrianah is the most consistent in our family with her quiet time, and when she says she's going to pray for someone, she actually does it.  There aren't many people I can see the Holy Spirit in, but she is definitely one of them. Her love for the Lord is almost palpable.  She's open to His leading, and she is willing to serve. 

  Happy Birthday, Aubrianah!  You are a practically perfect Beautiful Girl, and we love you!

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