Saturday, July 16, 2011

Beautiful Friendships

My daughter just got out of a bad relationship, but I don’t mean that the normal way. What I mean is…she was in a bad relationship with a good friend.  Instead of severing the bond altogether, the two beautiful girls got together and they worked it out.  I don’t know the details of the rift, but even if the problem may have seemed trivial to adults, it certainly wasn’t trivial to the girls.  It was serious.  So they got serious and fixed it. 

  What a lesson to the rest of us!  These two teen girl friends were open with each other and the relationship was made stronger than ever.  Talking it out, looking at it from one another’s perspective, and then putting the other’s needs above their own made things better for them and for everyone who spends time with them.

  I’m a pretty high-maintenance and sometimes annoying friend.  I’m famous for speaking without thinking, I’m impatient, I forget birthdays, and I tend to think of my own needs over the needs of my friends.  For some reason, though, I have been blessed with amazing girlfriends.  Oh, I have a few who have no patience or tolerance for my mouth and take quick offense, but those are the ones who are first to bring my family a meal if I’m sick.  I also have one or two who can’t stand the way I parent, but I’m 100% sure they would bail my kids out of jail and then stand by our side in court. (Let’s not test that one, though!)  But a great many of my friends are true-blue loyal confidants, always, no matter what.  Mad at my husband when I am, then turning on a dime and thinking he’s great again as soon as I do.  They love my children like their own, just like I love theirs.  We laugh and cry and pray with one another, and they forgive me everything before I’ve even realized I did something wrong.  I have friends who I know will be with me through a lifetime, no matter how many circumstances or miles separate us. 

  The lesson my daughter and her friend have taught me is one I pray I don’t forget.  The friendships I share with other girls are worth swallowing pride and working hard to keep!   Keep your beautiful girlfriends close, and if a problem crops up…deal with it.  That’s the Beautiful Girl way!

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