Friday, July 15, 2011

Beautiful Loyalty

It’s always a fun and special day at Just the Girls: Real Beauty when we have a guest photographer doing the post!  Life Captured by Rachel is located in Florida and owned by the fabulously beautiful Rachel VanBuren.  The photograph and post today is of Rachel’s mom, Sheila, who is oh-so-special to me, too, because she is my aunt!  My Aunt Sheila helped shape my life, and she has been an example of Real Beauty to me. Like so many other women, she has dealt with a lot of heartache.  But she weathers it with determination, and yes…loyalty.  She is loyal to her friends, her family, and faithfully loyal to her Lord.  Thank you, Rachel, for sharing your photograph with us today!  And thank YOU, Sheila, for showing Rachel and me what a Beautiful Girl looks like!  

Faithful, devoted, and constant. That is my mom.  Direct yet quiet, firm yet vulnerable, not easily angered. That is my mom. When I asked her to describe herself in one word, I crossed my fingers that we’d have the same word in mind {LOYAL}…..and, we did!  If you know Sheila, aka Mom, you know that is the epitome of her life: loyal and true.  Both to herself and others.  She’s been through it all; she’s seen it all.  Yet, she remains beautifully loyal, good times and bad.  Here’s to you, Mom, for being a constant reminder that ups, downs, ins, outs, good, bad, happy, sad are no cause for contempt, but help mold me to become ever more committed to my faith in my most faithful Friend. ~Rachel

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