Sunday, June 26, 2011


When Aubrianah does her Just the Girls: Real Beauty photo shoots, she brings what we like to call the ‘beauty board’.  On it, beautiful girls write what is beautiful about them.  Want to guess what has been mentioned the most?   Not a fair question since I gave you a hint with Madeline’s picture, huh?  We women tend to love our eyes. 
  So why do women put so much of our beauty ‘stock’ in our eyes?  Maybe it’s because our eyes don’t change as much as the rest of our bodies.  We don’t gain weight in our eyes, our eye color doesn’t wrinkle, our eyelashes don’t usually turn grey with age (or do they?)   We can pretty much count on our eyes staying the same, so maybe it’s safe to love our eyes the best.
  Of course that guess doesn’t work with Madeline here, she’s young and beautiful and doesn’t have any worries about weight, wrinkles, OR gray hair. 
  I think Madeline’s mom has the answer.  She says Madeline has a sensitive heart, a desire to live her life pleasing to the Lord, and that her friendships are true, deep, and forever.  Then she mentions her daughter’s amazing grey/blue/green eyes. But it’s not just about the way her eye color changes from one beautiful shade to another beautiful shade depending on her outfit, even though that is really cool!     It’s more about that old saying, ‘the eyes are the window to the soul’.  I believe it.  When I look into Madeline’s eyes, I can see all the things her mother says about her are true.  Some girls have beautiful eyes that mirror their beautiful hearts, and Madeline is definitely one of those girls!  

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