Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Beautiful Day

Aubrianah and Faith recently spent a day in the cemetery.  It was late afternoon, it was smoldering hot, it was muggy, the gnats were vicious, and they spent the whole day walking, walking, walking up and down hills and stone steps, and over fields of gravestones.  Around and around that hot, muggy cemetery they walked, swatting gnats the whole time, and when they were done their faces were glowing from the heat, but also from the happiness, because it was one of the most fun days they'd ever had!

  What made it so great?  Aubrianah and Faith love the Real Beauty project.  They love shooting at that location, they love working together (something they don't get to do as often as they'd like), they were getting interviewed and photographed for the newspaper that day (VERY exciting!), and they were particularly excited about the 4 Beautiful Girls they were photographing that day.

  And then, to round out that fabulous day, the girls got to hang out with one of their favorite professional photographers, Sara.  They met her shyly, like she was a celebrity, and I could see the nervousness in their faces as we moms decided to just let them go off with her....they wouldn't have us as a buffer because we needed a few air-conditioner minutes in the car.  But those three became fast friends and by the time we saw them again, they were talking and laughing like they'd known one another forever.  Sara put the girls at ease, she gave them tips, she encouraged them, she posed in any way they asked her, and she acted like she had all day to spend with them.  They walked all around that cemetery again, all three swatting gnats, all three snapping pictures of each other between swats.  They had a blast.  Although they were nervous to meet her,  Sara quickly showed them that she is regular beautiful girl, just like them.  Thanks, Sara, for taking the time to encourage our beautiful girls!  You helped make a beautiful day even more so!

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  1. I had soooooo much fun with the girls! Thanks again for the privilege!