Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gimme a 'B'! Gimme a 'E'!........

Oh, great, here’s one of those cheerleader types.  Remember high school, when cheerleaders and football hunks ruled the school?  When every teen movie had an evil cheerleader trying to ruin the life of the heroine?  Our collective thoughts about cheerleaders, if we weren’t one, were that they were air-headed, vain, mean, selfish, and boy-crazy.  Of course we grew up, and we realized that stereotyping people based on our own shallow thinking, peer evaluations, and media influence is lame. 
  Krista was a cheerleader, and I hope the feelings high-schoolers had about them were only in my generation and not hers, because I hate to think that anyone ever stereotyped this beautiful girl.  Krista’s ‘beauty board’ word was ‘Compassion’, and that fits her perfectly.  She volunteers with Big Brothers/Big Sisters because she has a heart for children, especially ones who are hurting.  She is also a school teacher, and she delights in seeing the brightness on a student’s face when he learns something new.  She is newly married and will make you sick with how sweetly she speaks of her new husband, but I think it’s going to continue many years into their marriage; Krista isn’t just sweet with her husband because they are newly married…she’s sweet with him because she’s a loving person. 
  Oh there are several stereotypical cheerleader-type characteristics Krista possesses, too, but they aren’t the bad ones the evil cheerleaders in the movies possess.  She’s fun-loving, spirited, athletic, full of energy, friendly, and she looks great in a short skirt!  And just look at that jumping skill!
  Is there a beautiful girl you haven’t gotten to know because you have stereotyped her?  Maybe she’s a cheerleader type, or a math-geek type, or a pet person, a pastor’s wife, a professor, a waitress, a single mom, or a librarian.  Try an experiment. Think of a woman you think you know because you know her ‘type’.  Tell her about the Just the Girls: Real Beauty project, and then ask her what she would write on her ‘beauty board’, and why.  Then let us know what happened by telling us on our facebook page!

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