Saturday, May 21, 2011

Real Beauty: Silly Style!

This is our silly, beautiful friend, Kim.  We have a lot of nurse friends, and Kim is one of our favorites.  Nurses are special people, the ones we know have the gift of compassion in abundance, and Kim is no exception!  She is sweet, funny, caring, and she has a joyful spirit!  Her laugh is contagious, and we always have fun when Kim is around.  Her husband Steve and her super-adorable little baby boy, Jude, are a joy to be around.  Kim is also a tremendous and consistent encourager to our Just the Girls: Real Beauty photographers, Aubrianah and Faith.  She is the first to line up whenever they have a new idea for photo shoots, and she’s always ready with a silly, beautiful smile!  We love you, Kim, you silly beautiful girl!  

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