Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Beautiful Photographers Part 1

I’m biased, because this is my own daughter, Aubrianah.  Aubrianah has had some trials of her own in her young life.  I was looking through old pictures of her the other day and it struck me, she really didn’t let a  years-long sickness stop her life.  I looked through pictures of her taking karate classes, riding horses, having fun with friends, swimming on a swim team, and then I got to one of her birthday parties.  I think it was her 8th or 9th.  She’s lying on the couch, face white and eyes sunken, but with a smile on her pale lips, still beautiful.  Aubrianah was sick for several years and went through invasive procedures and potent medications.  The problem was her stomach and there were times when all activities had to be canceled and we stayed home.  She was often curled up tight on the floor in pain, or asleep. 
  After seeing many doctors, we finally heard about a beautiful local doctor, Elizabeth Mumper.  Dr. Mumper did a few minimally invasive tests, put Aubrianah on natural supplements, and figured out what was causing the problem.  After about three months with Dr. Mumper, Aubrianah was healed of a condition that other doctors had been working on for years.
To me, Aubrianah is the most beautiful girl in the world.  She is compassionate and loving, and has tremendous sensitivity.  She’s recently developed a talent for photography, and was the inspiration for the Just the Girls: Real Beauty project.  She is the most beautiful girl in the world!
(photo by Faith Perry Photography)

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