Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sassy Beauty!

Grace is our new friend.  Her family started coming to our church after a group from church came around their house at Christmastime singing carols.  Grace’s family figured that if a church was funny and brave enough to go caroling then that was the church for them!  I’m so glad they did, and trust me, they fit right in with the rest of the funny, awesome folks!
Grace is one of the most charismatic little girls I know.  She is VERY funny, and she can whip out a clever one-liner with the best of them.  She likes to be called ‘Little Baby G’, like a rapper, so I think this picture shows her personality perfectly!  She’s a sassy beauty, but not in a bad way….she’s been compared to Punky Brewster, so she’s Punky-sassy, and we think that’s beautiful!

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