Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Beautiful Photographers Part 2

Y'all didn't think I'd pick my own daughter as the most beautiful girl in the world and be done with it, did you?    Here's the other most beautiful girl in the world, and the other inspiration for the Just the Girls: Real Beauty project, Faith.
  Faith is amazing.  She is competitive and goal-driven, but even though she has those beautiful characteristics she is still humble and caring.  She wants to do well in everything she does, but she won't step on anyone to do it.
  But what I love most about Faith, what I think is most beautiful about her, is her servant's heart.  This beautiful girl serves her family, friends, and church in any way she can, and she does it with a beautiful smile on her face!  She's a thoughtful best friend, a helpful sister, and a practically perfect daughter to her mom!  Faith is...the most beautiful girl in the world!  (too!)

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