Wednesday, August 3, 2011

You Can't Catch this Beautiful Girl!

When I look at Rebekah, I see energy.  I think I have a lot, but she has more energy in her left toe than I have in my entire body.  I think I’m a runner…..HA…..she runs ULTRA-marathons.  Some of her accomplishments are listed below. 

Past winner of the following races:
  • Catoctin 50K
  • Holiday Lake 50K
  • Mountain Masochist 50 miler
  • JFK 50 Miler
  • The Groudhog Classic 50 Miler
  • Rattlesnake 50K
  • Uwharrie 40 Mile Mountain Run
  • New River Challenge (Bike, canoe and run)
Finisher of more than 75 ultramarathons

One of four women to complete The BEAST ultramarathoning race series

Women's record holder on West Virginia's 302-mile long Allegheny Trail (7 days, 6 hours)

Tri-holder of the women's record on the South Beyond 6000, a nearly 300 mile long run across five mountain ranges with the summit of forty peaks in excess of 6000' feet elevation (6 days, 13 hours, 31 minutes)

First American and 2nd overall woman in the 250 km Jungle Marathon in equatorial Brazil

I’m tired just looking at this kind of mileage!  A 302 MILE race – that’s just insanely amazing. 

I’ve been friends with Rebekah for years.  She and her husband were our Sunday School teachers for a long time.  She has such a heart for the Lord, and it is evident in everything she does.  Her boundless energy is used to reach others for Christ.  She has written a devotional book called Pace Yourself.  It is awesome!  In her preface, she writes:  “Too often we want a dramatic theological breakthrough but fail to see the lessons in pulling weeds or watching a simple sunrise.  So take a run with me through 366 days of normal, ordinary life.”

Rebekah also has a blog that I highly recommend.  I don’t just recommend it; you need to read it!  You will be inspired, encouraged.  She has a way of writing that draws you in, and I love reading her posts!  The link is below.

I like this, taken from her website:
Ever wonder what makes someone tick? Why would a reasonably sane woman traipse through jungles, climb mountain after mountain, and run up to one-hundred miles at a time?  Good question.

She really isn't 
 strange.  She is a long-time wife and the mother of two grown boys. She is a house cleaner and dust-bunny gatherer, grass cutter, grocery getter and chief cook and bottle washer.  She works at a lot of things and cries all too easily when it becomes too overwhelming. Sometimes she lies in the dark, her heart aching over concerns. But sometimes she leaps for joy at the new day and the pleasures a noisy dinner with family can bring.  She really is very normal--if you don't count the running thing.

“She really is very normal—if you don’t count the running thing.”  That is so funny!  God has gifted her with this incredible talent to run these awe-inspiring distances, and she has used this gift for Him.  Again, please visit her blog to learn more about her – you will not be disappointed!

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  1. Rebecca is truly a beautiful woman, but she is so much more. She is a gift from God to all who come into contact with her.