Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Beautiful Girl has Many Sides...All of Them are Beautiful!

If you know Courtney, you love her.  That's just the way it is.  Because she's one of our MVP Beautiful Girls, we want to do something a little different with her post.  Courtney is a multi-faceted beauty, she has lots of different interests and she likes all different kinds of people, and she can get along with anyone of any age.  So we decided that it would take more than one person to write about our beautiful Courtney.

Esther says:  "Courtney is a beautiful, funny, fun and very loud girl.  Living with her is a fun adventure.  When you play Blitz you want her around, whipping out cards and screaming whenever she wins.  I remember when I was on her team.  She tried to hi-five me, but instead she dumped lemonade on me.  I only know one person who can need stitches from taking trash cans up to the street and that's her.  She also has a dream of going to Kenya and being a missionary.  On the back of her truck there's a sticker that says "In my dreams I'm a Kenyan"."

Faith says:  "Courtney is one of the most fun people you will ever meet. She loves to run, has dressed up and gone to the Holy Land multiple times, is an avid blitz player, and she enjoys the outdoors. She is also a strong christian and organized a "Disciple Now" weekend for our youth group. She is super competitive and always gives everything her all. She is sweet and joyful and energetic. She is a very beautiful girl!"

Ruth says: "I've been dreaming of the day Courtney will marry my son and she will become my daughter-in-law.  Alas, even though I found them a summer home, Courtney has broken his and my hearts by declining the proposal.  I've even bought her clip-its and offered to give her the lead role as Nellie Oleson in my Little House on the Prairie-Nellie Style movie, but still she won't marry him. However, even if she will never be my daughter-in-law, I love her anyway, because she is a great example to my daughter that a young woman can be driven, smart, in love with the Lord, talented, and be extraordinarily beautiful."

Cindi says: "When I think of Courtney, I think of fun, fun, fun…, joyfulness, exhuberance. Who else would I be excited to run 13 miles with at the crack of dawn? Who else would I dress up like a Bible character with to walk through the Holy Land? Who else would I dress up like a Duggar with to go strawberry picking? Only Courtney!
Courtney is also BRILLIANT! Currently, she is getting degrees in midwifery and nurse-practitioner……..and will use these degrees to serve the Lord as a missionary. The Lord has great and awesome plans for her and I’m so excited to see her service to Him as the years go by."

As you can see, we love Courtney.  She is standing on the edge of her adult life, and we can't wait to see what she does!  But even if she never does another thing, this beautiful girl has had a  tremendous impact on us, and we are blessed to know her!  You go, beautiful girl!

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