Monday, August 22, 2011

Beautiful Blessings, A Gift and a Promise

We met Lisa just last week when Aubrianah did back-to-school pictures with Lisa's two children Libby and Matthew.  Lisa has the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen, but we all know that just a pair of gorgeous peepers isn't what makes a woman beautiful!  So of course we had to talk with Lisa to find out what makes her beautiful.  It didn't take long, because when she looked at her children her face glowed!  Lisa's beauty word was 'Blessed x2', and she told me about Libby's adoption and Matthew's birth.  Here are Lisa's two blessings!
 Lisa and her husband tried a long time to have a baby.  They were first blessed by Libby, adopted as an infant.  They named her Elisabeth, which means 'Promise of God'.  What a beautiful blessing Libby is!

Soon after Libby's adoption, blessing #2 came along.  Lisa was pregnant with this beautiful little guy, Matthew.  Matthew means 'Gift of God'!

So you can see what makes Lisa beautiful, and what makes the light in her gorgeous blue eyes shine!  She has a promise AND a gift!  Aubrianah and I are blessed to have met this beautiful family, and we're all blessed to be children of God, all of us adopted into His family!

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  1. So glad you met her and the kids. Love them!