Saturday, July 9, 2011

Newsy Beauties!

  When Aubrianah and Faith heard that they were going to be featured in today's edition of the News & Advance, they felt just like Mia does in the picture!  Their faces lit up, and they were so excited and nervous  they felt like they could levitate!

  Because we might have more readers today than we've had in the past, we wanted to take a moment to explain what Just the Girls: Real Beauty is all about.  Aubrianah and Faith are 14-year-old talented, beautiful, aspiring photographers (Aubrianah Shannen Photography and Faith Perry Photography, you can find both on Facebook).  They were given a simple assignment:  Find out what makes women and girls beautiful, and photograph the beauty you find.

  Well, that little project has grown.  The girls have photographed and interviewed many 'girls', and have plenty more photo shoots scheduled.  They've learned that Real Beauty comes from strength, confidence, hope, and freedom, and that all these characteristics and more have come from faith and trust in God.  They've heard the stories of women who have lost husbands, young girls who have faced or are facing medical crises, and self-made business women who triumphed over adversity.   They've also met women who are just plain fun to be around, and women with beauty that shines so brightly the girls had to wear sunglasses just to photograph them ;) .

  This blog is just a small part of what the girls have done so far, it's just our little chronicle of the work they are doing. You can find much more information on the project and the photographers by reading the 'About the Beautiful Project' and the 'About the Beautiful Photographers' tabbed pages. I also hope you will scroll through and meet some Beautiful Girls, some of whom are already posted here and many more who will be posted later!  But the main purpose of reading this blog is to be inspired  to find, and then celebrate, the beauty YOU possess!  We (Aubrianah and Faith, and 'the moms/drivers/prop carriers/appointment makers/blog writers' Ruth and Cindi)  have been touched by beauty, and we hope you will be, too!

If you would like to do a Real Beauty shoot yourself or nominate a Beautiful Girl you know, RB shoots are always free and you can email me for more details at .
Both girls also do regular photo shoots, too, for a fee, and you can email me for those details, too!

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