Friday, May 27, 2011

How to Encourage a Beautiful Girl!

You’ll see this beautiful girl, Audrey, again soon, but today I want to talk about another beautiful thing you can see in this picture, Faith’s new logo!  Faith’s logo, and the new logo you see on Aubrianah’s pictures, too, were designed for them by our good friend Alex. 
  Ok, ok, Alex is a guy….but Alex is the father of two beautiful girls, including Audrey here.  Because Alex has two daughters (not to mention a fantastically beautiful wife), he knows that beautiful girls need encouragement to let their beauty shine through, and Alex knows how to encourage beautiful girls.  He encouraged our beautiful girls, Faith and Aubrianah,  by designing these fabulous logos for them!  They didn’t even ask him, he just did it…because he knows that doing something that he enjoys and that he is good at would be an encouragement to them.  By doing the logos for them he’s saying, “The work you girls do and the talent you are cultivating is worthy, it’s valuable, and I think you are doing a beautiful job!”  Thank you, Alex, for encouraging two beautiful girls in this way!  We appreciate the men in our lives when they are encouraging to us, and that makes Alex one of our heroes…and a Beautiful Guy!  

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  1. Thank you. Again, it was my pleasure. They are very talented and actually an encouragement to me. I hope that my two girls can be as cool, and responsible as those two. Keep up the good work.