Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Beautiful Girls Encourage More Beauty

  When I think about Beautiful Girls I know, Carina is definitely at the top of the list.  She is vivacious, driven, fun, and smart.  Carina sparkles.  She's living in Washington DC this summer where I'm sure she's wowing everyone!

  Here's what I love most about Carina.  I love the way she encourages my daughter and other girls around her to be more beautiful.  

  Really Beautiful Girls like Carina get that sparkle ALL OVER everyone around them.  They can't help it.  My daughter is beautiful, but she's even more beautiful when she's with her friend.  Carina's other friends are beautiful, too, but they're even more beautiful when they are together.  Get them in a group and look out...you are going to be stunned!  

  Beautiful Girls!

Carina and her gorgeous friend, Julie!  

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