Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Beauty Moves 2

A couple of years ago I wrote a post about friends who have moved away.  I still miss them.  

  Lynchburg is a transient town, though, and it goes both ways.  Plenty of beautiful girls move here to go to school and then move on...some stay here and begin careers and families.  

  I've been helping a friend move this week.  She's been here a while, and I'm hoping she'll stay for good.  Kristy came here for school and then met a beautiful guy and they decided to stay.  Now they have a couple of cute boys and one more on the way.  

  Kristy realized (about half-way through this pregnancy) that one bathroom between 4 boys and herself just wasn't enough.  Because she's a little crazy,  she decided not to wait until the new baby arrives, but to go ahead and put her house on the market and buy a different one.  Timing worked out just so that she is now 2 weeks to her due date and, just a few days ago, signed a contract on a new house that has to be completely painted, cleaned, and moved into.  Oh, and the extra bathroom she needs for all those boys?  It's pink.  

  Kristy's belly is full of baby, she's tired, she's sore...but I've seen huge  smiles out of her.  She watched God work the timing out on the sale of her old house and the move-in of the new, and even though she gets frustrated at times, she mostly laughs.   


  Marielle just did a Just the Girls: Real Beauty shoot recently.  I heard about her when her husband and son showed up at the church I attend, looking for a place to worship and a place to live.  Marielle and her two other children had stayed in New York to tie up loose ends there.  
  The family had felt God's call to move, so they did. It is a fabulous story of being open to His leading and just moving, one trusting step at a time.  They didn't know anyone in Lynchburg, they didn't come to attend school, they had no place to live and no jobs.  They just trusted.  Marielle and her family very quickly became an integral part of the church, found a great home, got the kids in schools where they are thriving, and found great jobs.

  Kristy and Marielle and their families are cultivating beauty.  They've trusted God and they've trusted their husbands to move them, and they've done it with much joy.  

  What has God prompted you to do, and have you listened?  Tell us about it!  

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