Friday, September 21, 2012

Beautiful Freedom Part 2

  Becky's Real Beauty post from last year was the #1 most-read post.  You can go back here and read it to see why.  That post was a turning point in the healing journey Becky has taken.  It was part of the beginning, not the end...and this is more of the story!  

  When Becky started her journey, she started with the inside...where real beauty is cultivated.  When she got the inside all gorgeous, she started on the outside.  See, even though Becky's spirit was cleaned out and she was busy putting out the old stuff and putting in the new, she realized that her physical well-being was neglected.  So at the beginning of 2012, she decided that she wanted her outside to match her gorgeous inside!  

  Becky started a little Facebook weight-loss group.  She invited her friends to join, thinking it would be a great way for them to share tips, struggles, and victories.  But her little Facebook group quickly grew into many members...many Becky didn't even know!  It became a big support system for women who wanted to get healthy and lose weight.  Friendships were formed, weight was lost, lives got healthier, and beauty was multiplied!  

  Becky has lost 35 pounds this year, and she feels like her outside beauty now matches her inside.  It's not about getting skinny, though, it's about being healthy, eating right, and being a good example to her children. She's also discovered a new love...running.  She's run several 5k's this year and she keeps setting and reaching new goals for herself.  I love to hear about a new time she's set or a new race she's signed up to run!  

  We all know that Real Beauty is not  just about what we see when we look at a woman.  Becky was stunning before she lost weight and gained physical strength.  But when we feel good physically, and we are taking care of our bodies, and we are eating healthy foods, it helps that inner beauty shine through!  Ask Becky...she knows!  


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