Sunday, October 30, 2011

Beauty Stealing the Show

I just had to share this picture of our beautiful little girlfriend, Abby.  Her little brother was the focus of this photo shoot, but Abby is a confident and fun kid, and she wanted some of that camera action!  Aubrianah was happy to oblige.  

  As I looked through the pictures after the shoot and noticed how much Abby-cuteness was represented in her brother's shoot, I wondered when exactly it is in our lives when our confidence wanes.  Is it our age?  Is it events?  Is it words from others?  When did we go from wanting to be seen to wanting to fade into the background?  

  I think it happened to me pretty early.  I actually don't remember a time when I was comfortable having people pay attention to me, much less take my picture.  I'm actually way more comfortable in my own skin now, at 39 years old, than I was when I was little. 

  As a kid, I was always trying to just blend in, fly under the radar.  Can you blame me?  My stepmother made my clothes...polyester bell-bottoms with matching tops.  I wore corrective shoes.  My dad kept my hair cut crazy short, highlighting my already prominent cow-licks.  I was allergic to mosquitoes, so my face was always swelling up and my eyes swelling shut. I had an unfortunate last name.  All these factors made me prone to being made fun of, so I did what I could to stay invisible.  Invisible until I hit high school, when I suddenly became very visible, along with uncontrollable and rebellious.  But I digress...

  My point is, I love these little camera-hams like Abby.  She's confident, she's silly, she's beautiful, and  I hope she never thinks anything different. I hope she sticks her little face into any photo shoot she happens to notice.  

  By the way...when did you lose your confidence?  Or did you lose it?  What was it that made you realize that you weren't the focus?  

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