Thursday, October 20, 2011

Beauty being Broken

  I hesitated with this title...we like to hear stories like this when the beautiful girl finds more beauty at the end of the trial, when there's a happy ending.  Or if not a happy ending then at least an ending that leaves us with a sense of everything turning out ok...a blessing, a strengthening.  We don't want to hear sad stories while they are still in the middle.

  We don't want to hear the breaking....we want to see the mended.  

  But that's not the way this post is going to go.  See, Lisa is having one of those months where sad things are happening...a whole slew of 'em at once.  And she's in the middle of breaking.  

  I'm not talking about little things here, either...Lisa and her husband have lost two close family members within a week of one another.  Just a bit before that, their beloved family dog also passed away. If you've had a pet die, you know it's heartbreaking.  You need a bit of time to get yourself together. The death of an animal doesn't compare with the death of a family member, but it left them reeling and unprepared for the family losses that came so quickly after.  Then there was family separation as Lisa's husband had to travel, the plans to make, the people to deal with, the school and work of regular life amid the pain. The breaking.  You can read more of Lisa's story here.  Then pray for her and her family!

  Thankfully, I know this won't be the end of the story.  It's just the middle.    Lisa's beauty board phrase is 'Inner Beauty', and she's got it in spades.  Lisa is breaking, she's broken.  But she is strong and beautiful and she will mend.  If you know Lisa well, help her bear the burden, encourage her along, help her transform the middle of this story into a beautiful ending where Lisa finds herself stronger, more faithful, more compassionate, and more BEAUTIFUL than she already is. We at Real Beauty 'Headquarters' love you, Lisa!  Tell us what we can do for you! 

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  1. I Love this and it's a privallege to come along side Lisa and bear that burnden with her. To encourage her in the Lord and love on her as my sweet friend. To help her in her time of need. It's in these tragic time that you really see who God has put in your life. Who your friend really are. Most importantly How much God Love You!! <3