Monday, September 12, 2011

Is Your Sunday School Teacher Beautiful? Mine is!

This beauty, Dorothy, is the second-best Bible teacher I know.  She won't mind the runner-up status, because she happens to be married to the front runner!  She and her fabulous husband have taught me most of what I know about the Bible, and they've done something even better....they've instilled in me a desire to learn more on my own.

Dorothy, or Mrs. F. as all the children call her, is a faithful Sunday School teacher.  When my children were little, they learned Old Testament stories in Mrs. F's class, even dressing up and acting out the stories for the rest of the church.  I love to see the children in her class now wearing the same costumes my kids wore when they were in her class.  She also teaches a lot about missions, something my kids and I never really had much interest in until we heard it from her.

Dorothy's not only a beautiful teacher, though, she's also a hiker, a grandmother, and an angel collector.  She is an encouragement to the women around her.  The lesson she's tried to teach me in particular is to think before speaking, and  I hope she'll get to see me finally learn that one!

Thanks, Mrs. F, for all you've taught us.  You are beautiful!

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