Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Found: Fun Beauty!

Are you a Facebook-hating holdout? One of those people who think it's a waste of time and no good can come of knowing everything about everyone?  If you are, consider this Real Beauty, Kim.

  I knew Kim before Facebook, but not well.  Then one day, she friend requested me or I friend requested her, and we started learning about each other.  I scrolled through her pictures, I 'met' her family, I learned about her love of running, of animals, and of all things FUN.  We interacted, we joked with one another, we opened our lives to one another. Kim often posts pictures of herself and her family that crack me up, and some that are so beautiful that I get choked up. I always look forward to a new status update or a 'share' from this one.  She is fabulously funny and her spirit is so sweet.  I LOVE Kim, and I consider her a close friend, even though we do not see one another physically very often.

Basically, what I am trying to say is: Kim was always beautiful, I just didn't know how extraordinarily beautiful she is until I got to know her.

Get to know other women!  You will be blessed by so many, and we all have stories and circumstances to share in order to bless others.  Even if you still don't want to use Facebook, find some other way to foster relationships with other women.  Find the beauty, it's out there in places you weren't looking.  And get ready to have some FUN!

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