Friday, June 17, 2011

Blue-Eyed Beauty

What characteristics do you share with your mother?  Did you get her nose, her long legs, her quick temper?  I have a quick temper, but I got that from my dad!  Thankfully, I got my mom's eyes.  Then I passed them to my son, Tanner, so he has my mom's eyes, too.  This is my mom, Cindy, and those are 'our' eyes!
  My mom has many more important good characteristics that I didn't get.  She's creative, she has been a floral designer for many years and she makes the most fabulous cards I've ever seen.  Her creativity skipped over my generation and went straight to my daughter, Aubrianah, who is just as creative as her 'Nina'. They spend a lot of time together creating.  My mom is also content in all circumstances, something else she didn't pass on to me!  She's lived in many different places in diverse, sometimes difficult situations, but she always made the best of where she landed.  I'm jealous of the way she quickly makes friends, makes any type of house into a beautiful home, and makes time to serve others.
  There are characteristics that my mom did pass to me besides her eyes, though.  We're both organized, we have the same body type (even though I am 4 inches taller!), we share the same faith, and we both love our family fiercely!
  How are you like your mom?  What things do you see in yourself that remind you of her?  Think it over and tell us, we'd love to know!  My mom is a blue-eyed beauty, and as I get older I strive to be more like her.

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  1. What a beautiful picture of Cindy. You are correct, in that she is an amazing person. God Bless to you both. Cheryl