Thursday, June 2, 2011

Even Blondes can be Beautiful!

The post title is a little joke, I promise!  Remember those blonde-haired blue-eyed beauties I talked about in our very first post?  The ones we all think are so beautiful physically that we don’t bother to find their real beauty?  And then sometimes, even when we do, we are surprised to find out they aren’t as beautiful as we thought? 
  This is Hallie, and she has blonde hair, blue eyes, perfect teeth, and eyebrows other women pay hundreds to get.  Hallie is gorgeous!  But this girl is no shallow beauty!  Spend a few minutes with her and get past all that annoying gorgeousness  ;) and you’ll find an even more beautiful young woman.  Hallie has two younger brothers, and they love her fiercely because she is kind, compassionate, and funny.  I was blessed to be at her recent 18th birthday party, where her family and friends spoke so lovingly about her beauty that it brought tears to my eyes, even though not one of them even mentioned those perfect eyebrows. 
  Hallie is a great example of real beauty.  She doesn’t ignore the outer, she takes care of herself and puts her best face forward.  But Hallie knows that real beauty is about what’s inside.  As Hallie stands on the edge of her adult life, I want to join her mother in praising the Lord that this beautiful young woman has already learned what real beauty is about!  Congratulations on your graduation, Hallie, I can’t wait to see what the Lord does through you, beautiful girl!

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