Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sweet, Beautiful Conqueror!

Heather here is too sweet.  Oh I don’t just mean she is really nice, encouraging, and fun to be around, although she is all those things….I also mean she is literally TOO SWEET!  Heather has lived with diabetes most of her life.  She was diagnosed as a young girl, and she shared with us on her Just the Girls: Real Beauty shoot and interview about how different she felt as a kid.  She also told us a funny story about one group of children saying she was ‘disgusting’ and leaving her alone to eat at the lunch table, just because she was eating green pepper slices instead of cookies! 
  Heather grew up, and adults don’t usually think eating vegetables makes a person a leper, but Heather still has to conquer every day as it comes while still dealing with diabetes.  She now has a wonderful husband and two beautiful, young children, so she leads a busy life.  She gets tired easily and she has to keep a structured schedule to make sure her blood-sugar level stays consistent, which is difficult to do while caring for two little ones!  But Heather juggles it all with great determination and strength, and she is a beautiful conqueror!  

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