Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Camera-Shy Beauty

Aubrianah and Faith had a huge photography shoot today.  Of course they both had cameras.  There was also a reporter at the shoot, she's doing a story on the girls and their project, and she had a photographer with her.  Besides those three cameras, the models today included a local professional photographer who also brought her camera!  There were cameras everywhere, and they were all snapping away.  I can't even imagine how many pictures were taken today in the span of the two hours we were there.  Hundreds, a thousand?  It was a camera-shy girl's nightmare!
  I'm camera-shy. I spent years pretending I was a secret vampire or in the witness protection program.  In my defense, I am not photogenic. But one year for my New Year's resolution I decided to get over it.  I thought about how, when I'm gone, my kids will look back at old photographs and not see their mom.  They won't care how I looked in my pictures, because I am their mother and they love me.  Being a good mother makes me beautiful, at least to my children.  They will want to remember the things we did together, and they will want to show their children and grandchildren pictures while they tell stories about me.  It was selfish of me to keep them from that. Oh I still get uncomfortable in front of the camera, but I no longer try to hide or run away.
  The pro photographer the girls photographed today, Sara, said something to them that is so true.  She said that everyone is photogenic, they just haven't found the right angle.  That fits with Real Beauty so well!  All us girls are beautiful, we just have to find the right beauty 'angle'.  We are always looking at our flaws. Our eyes are too close together or we have too many gray hairs or we need to lose twenty pounds or we have a horn growing out of our forehead (well, maybe you'd better get that one checked out).  We are looking at ourselves from the wrong angle.  Find the right ANGLE, Beautiful Girl!  What makes you beautiful?    You are beautiful.  Find your angle, then give us a call or shoot us an email to tell us what your beauty angle is, and one of our photographers will help you show it!  Don't be a camera-shy beauty 'cause cameras gotta snap...so get in front of one!

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