Monday, June 20, 2011

Beautiful Chef!

Laura gets a lot of well-deserved accolades for her cooking.  She should, her food is amazing.  When I have to cook for a lot of people, I don’t worry about quality as much as quantity.  Laura cooks huge amounts of food for her church family every Wednesday, and it is all fabulous.  I’m talking home-made salsa on Mexican night, real shredded carrots in the carrot cake, and on pulled pork bar-b-q night she digs a big hole,  puts the pig on a spit herself, and roasts it underground all day…..ok, ok, I’m just kidding about that last one.  But I’m not kidding about Laura’s beautiful cooking abilities.  She has a husband, four sons, and a whole church family who think she’s a beautiful cook.
  But that’s not the most beautiful thing about Laura.  See, after she does all that cooking all day, she gets behind the table and she serves the meal.  There is no way we could appreciate her enough for the food she provides, and yet not only does she provide it, she serves it.  And when we complain that we don’t like sweet potatoes or that pork grosses us out, she smiles her beautiful smile and she serves us something else.  Wednesday night dinner is not the only way Laura serves, and she is beautiful in many other ways, but serving dinner while smiling at us is one way she shows us that she loves us.  And we love her, too, our Beautiful Chef!

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