Thursday, July 28, 2011

Beautiful Editor

We loved hanging out with Johanna at her Real Beauty shoot!  We walked all over downtown while she told us the story of how she came to be the editor of the fabulous local magazine, Lynchburg Living.  Johanna used to be on a more fast-paced and stressful career path, but she made the decision to go in a different direction.  Since Johanna came to Lynchburg Living, the company that owns it (Prototype Media, Inc.) has gone from that one publication to five!  But this Beautiful Girl didn’t give up her career for her family, she just tweaked it to make it fit better!   Johanna is proof that we really can ‘have our cake and eat it, too’, we can have a fulfilling career AND keep our family priority number one.  She gets to work closely with her husband and they both make sure to schedule plenty of time with their new baby daughter.

  Johanna loves working with a local magazine, and she loves showcasing local businesses and people.  We were even stopped on the street by a local business owner who wanted to thank Johanna for a recent story in the magazine. 

  Besides her career accomplishments, Johanna is an encouraging and sweet Beautiful Girl.  She had never met Aubrianah, but she chatted with her, gave her tips (Johanna is a photographer, too!), and made Aubrianah feel like her work on the Real Beauty project is worthwhile.  Thank you, Johanna, for participating in the project, we had a blast with you! 

Check out Lynchburg Living, and all the other Prototype Media, Inc. publications.  They are all free, and you can find them at many local businesses!

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